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Made it through my finals, though I wish I had done better on the construction materials one. Overall, I had a 94 total, with one grade missing, but even that one being a 100 (I'm pretty sure) would have probably only bumped up the final grade 1-2 points based on weight. But now I can't tell because the grades were taken down for some reason.

As for English, I think I did well enough. Probably about the same grade, as the lowest I got all semester was a 90, and that was on the first two papers. Since I got a 98 on the third and a 94 on the fourth, I should do fine, whenever those get posted.

So now I'm free the rest of the year, and if it weren't for the fact that I have to get up and get my brother up Monday morning (he's out of school starting Wednesday), it'd be a nice day in which I don't have to get up and go anywhere. As such, that won't happen until next Saturday (unless tonight counts, as I work tomorrow night, and I plan on trying to stay up all night).

I've been playing too much Pokemon this year. I started with Platinum at the beginning of the year, Black in the summer, and I now just got a used copy of Soul Silver and am playing that. I like it that it's not attention-dependent (most of the time), and I can watch stuff at the same time. I have watched so much anime this last year, too.
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