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I keep getting ideas for things I could add to my current novel. It's not really my favorite, and for the sake of the 50K word goal, it's done. However, part of me does want to go back and actually try editing it. Not for any kind of publishing, but as a kind of closure. Maybe if I get some time after finals I might play with it a bit.
But for now, 50219 words/24 days = 2093 words a day, give or take. Not bad, I think.
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50219 / 50000

I crawled across the line, but I finally made it! And I even started 3 days late.
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47417 / 50000

I'm very nearly there! I just have to piece it all together now.
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43918 / 50000

I can get this thing done in 2-3 more good sessions.
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40099 / 50000

If I felt like it, I could plot my progress, do linear regression, and get something like y = 1667x. Or something like that.
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37899 / 50000

I came close to par again. Also, I still haven't even connected the two parts of my story nor have I gotten to the conclusion I want to.
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34745 / 50000

Not quite enough to hit par, and yet another useless chapter. That's writing!
33722 / 50000

I actually managed to write ~10K words in the last two days and completely catch up. Also, I write a lot of exposition and useless scenes.
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28671 / 50000

Form a contract with me and write 50000 words in 30 days!
23707 / 50000

I have so much catching up to do. This is one major dent, though.


Nov. 13th, 2012 09:17 am
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19576 / 50000

Now I have to weld these two new chapters to the rest of the narrative.
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15468 / 50000

And then there were words.
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13384 / 50000

I have broken the 25% mark and hit goal for today. And I'm still bullshitting my way through this novel.
10381 / 50000

I caught up! And it only took a bit over 3 days. And this was after I had decided to not do it this year.

Also, I stayed up all night just so I could vote. And now I sleep.
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7558 / 50000

When I want to, I can really write. And sometimes it disturbs me a little.
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3043 / 50000

I remember when I actually used this thing for other things.



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