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51410 / 50000

HA! I did it.
According to my stats, this is now my second longest, beating the previous record by a little over 100 words and being under the leader by a bit over 300 words.
But I hit the 50000 mark and just kept plowing forward. And I couldn't even think of how to end it.
47418 / 50000

One of those rare times I get a nice round number of words between updates.
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It has nothing to do with my novel at all. I just really love the alliteration and delivery.

44218 / 50000

I got to a good stopping place for now.
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42344 / 50000

A really light day. Way too tired to continue much further.
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41276 / 50000

I might be able to finish before Thanksgiving. Maybe.
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38502 / 50000

I'm two days ahead now. Which is good, because I can spend the large amount of time I have tonight to start cleaning my room finally.
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37165 / 50000

So close to that 75% mark.
I have to say, this is one of the more boring and yet darkest novels I've written. Nothing really happens. That's kind of helpful because there's not much in the way of plot. It's bad because there's not much in the way of plot.
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35057 / 50000

A little over 4000 words, plus some very minor editing because of continuity errors.
30977 / 50000

I added on sentences/paragraphs three times after my initial check. Somewhere around 300 extra words came of it.
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28338 / 50000

Unlike yesterday, I'm only just barely over one day ahead.
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26831 / 50000

I'm actually finally over a day ahead.
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24696 / 50000

OK, it's kind of a bit after midnight. But so far I've been keeping just under a day ahead, so I think that's good.
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22192 / 50000

Every other day, it looks like. Though I might get some more in before midnight.
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19656 / 50000

I decided to disconnect my Internet connection and try a few 15 minute sprints by myself. About half of today's words came out of it. I forgot where I had started on my second one, but it looks like I can get about 500-600 in 15 minutes with my terrible tendency to self-edit as I go.
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16387 / 50000

I've really got to stop operating under the delusion that I'm going to get a good night's sleep this month.
14259 / 50000

I've been writing some damn depressing stuff this year.
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11630 / 50000

Update 2/2. I count it even if it is four hours past midnight because I haven't been to bed since the last update.
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7867 / 50000

Update 1/2. Probably. I can get some more writing in later today.
5528 / 50000

Double the word count, double the fun!
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2756 / 50000

Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
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